Lübeck Haus Store suggests that Medieval castles and medieval weapons go hand in hand.
A medieval knight or any other warrior is only as effective as his skills and the quality of his weapons. The medieval warriors weapons were handmade by a skilled blacksmith. And when knights could offered them, they bought the best. His ability to effectively defend the castle depended upon good weapons and his skill, combate knowledge, and his ability to use his weapons.
These medieval weapon and siege weapon web links are provided on this page to educate, instruct, inform, and to help you in your search for medieval weapons and weapons knowledge. Some of these sites offer quality medieval weapons and medieval armor for sale. And several others offer tutorials for step-by-step instructions for building you own mail armor as well as other pieces of armor. While other sites deal with siege machines and their uses.
Of particular interest to the person in search of a good sword, is the Lübeck Haus Medieval Shop website. This site offers for sale high quality affordable handmade swords and knifes. Medieval knights knew that Toledo, Spain was the a source for the very best swords made. This is because their blacksmiths developed a sword making tradition that used only the finest steel and each sword was expertly crafted to the highest standards. And this guarded sword making tradition is still carried on today by the skilled blacksmiths of Toledo, Spain.

Medieval Weapon Links

Siege weapons of The Catapult Museum On-line

Another excellent Siege weapons site Trebucket

Medieval weapons Weapons

Sara's Chain mail connection Homepage
Need an Armorer? Check this out: 150 armorers in 5 countries.

Constructing your own chainmail spring web site Homepage
Mail spring construction details, tools, wire selection, etc.

This site has 150 pages of chainmail information ChainMaille Fashions
The next link below connects with their tutorial.

Constructing your own maile web site Homepage
Instructs the beginner on how to design and produce his own suit of armor.
Designs, tools, knitting, supplies, web links.

Knight training: Jousting, equestrian skills, tournaments, etc. Seattle Knights

High quality handcrafted swords and knifes Lübeck Haus Medieval Shop
Well crafted handmade swords, hunting knifes, fencing weapons, medieval weapons wall displays, pocket knifes and other edged weapons at affordable prices.

High quality iron works Blacksmith Shop
A source of handmade swords, collector's swords, medieval weapons, and castle hardware.

A source of excellent hand weapons and ready made medieval body armor Museum Replicas

Another fine source of excellent hand weapons and eady made medieval body armor Arms & Armor

Castles and defensive tactics Medieval castles

An excellent source of information on Heraldry

An comprehensive resource for books on making medieval weapons, knifes, tools, and blacksmithing, Lübeck Haus Bookstore .

More books on making medieval weapons Bouldercreek Bookstore
Books for making solid armour and mail, plus books on swords and siege machines.

Medieval Knights Armor And Weapons

Visit our selection at Lübeck Haus Knights Weaponry Directory .
In our store, we offer medieval knight's armor and weapons. Included are an assortment of knight's helmets, knight's armor, crowbows, wall decorations, and chess sets. The helmets are full size and are made from metal. The knight's armor, as well as most of the helmets, is made to be worn. The crossbows, Halberd, and swords are well made and useable as they were intended. The statues of the knights and wall decorations are collectables.

Paleontology Department

Visit our Paleontology Department for books on Paleontology, animal and human skull replicas, Dinosaur and Butterfly study kits.

Saber Tooth Tigers

Smilodon californicus has been extinct for about 12000 years and is a widely recognized symbol of power and beauty. A Saber Tooth Tigers strength combined with its two lethal sabers made it a fearsome predator. This extinct skull is an exact replica measuring 13 in. Long 8 in. wide and 12 in. high and includes a solid oak display base for mounting in the attack position. The skulls are available in both the antique and tar pit finishes.Features. Ultimate power symbol. Exquisite detail. Molded from an original specimen. Rotationally cast.

To read about and perhaps purchase your own tiger skull, please select and click on one of these Sabertooth Tiger Skulls and follow the link to
Then read about your choices description, price, and availability. Then to purchase follow instructions to complete your purchase.

If you are not ready to complete your purchase at that time, your Saber Tooth Tiger Skull can remain in the shopping cart until you are ready to complete your purchase, your choice can be "stored" for up to eighty nine days.
Then when you are ready to complete your purchase, return to the shopping cart at and complete your purchase by following their instructions at the shopping cart.

These Sabertooth Tiger skulls are museum quality. Excellent for displaying in your den, office, or home. Or given as fine gifts. Browser Boxes

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