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Welcome to our Lübeck Haus Store catalogue page listing books covering the art and delightful sport of Falconry.
The sport of Falconry is alive as well in many parts of North America, as well as Europe.
Falconry is the facinating activity of hunting with raptors. Eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, kites, osprey and harriers are all raptors! Their beaks are hooked, rather than straight, and they seize and kill their quarry using powerful feet and sharp talons.
These links cover the history of falconry, raising, caring for, and training birds of prey, making and using falconry equipment. These links cover our favorite hunting birds, such as the Peregrine Falcons and Red Tail Hawks. And all of the five major groups of birds used for falconry. This includes the eagles, hawks, falcons, buzzards and owls. Also included is a source for good falconry birds.
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Falconry Books

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Falconry Books

Falconry Information Web Links

The American Falconry Magazine Homepage
American Falconry is a magazine that is devoted entirely to the sport of falconry and is produced by practicing falconers.
Includes a list of falconers that may be of help to beginning falconers. Plus links to other items of interest to falconers.

University of Calgary Homepage
Peregrine Falcons (Falco peregrinus) information center. This research and information center have a lot of up todate information on Peregrine Falcons.

The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota Homepage
The College of Veterinary Medicine specializes in the medical care, rehabilitation, and conservation of eagles, hawks, owls, and falcons.

The Hawk Conservancy Homepage
Lots of information on conservation, education, rehabilitation, and research. Based in England.

Raptor Education Foundation Homepage

The Falconry Academy Homepage
An excellent source of information on falcons and falconry.

British School of Falconry Homepage
This is Emma and Stephen Ford's web site.

The Peregrine Fund Homepage
Working to preserve and enhance the Peregrine Falcon in nature.

Falconry Research Group Homepage
One of their projects in downtown Seattle is to study and watch a pair of wild nesting falcons with a video camera. In season the falcons and their young can be watched via the web from their site.

Top Falconry.com Top Falconry Homepage .
Lists many falconry related websites for falconry supplies, information, and buying, raising, and hunting with falcons.

For Falconry Books, visit Lübeck Haus Bookstore .
Stocks books on Falconry, Falcons, and other birds of prey.

For birds of prey fine art prints, visit Lübeck Haus Art Gallery .
Stocks falcon and other birds of prey fine art prints and posters.

For fine art prints of eagles, visit Lübeck Haus Art Gallery .
Fine art prints and posters of Golden and Bald eagles.

Falconry supplies and outfitter, visit North Woods LTD .
North America's Finest Falconry Outfitter for 20 Years. Has good information for becoming a falconer.

For Falconry books, visit Lübeck Haus Bookstore Catalogue Directory.
Browse for a good falconry book.

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