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This Lübeck Haus Bookstore catalogue page lists books for masonry and stone construction.
These masonry books are on stone, brick, and block construction, repairing stone building and structures, building and repairing slate roofs, stonescaping, and concrete construction. These books are for builders, home owners, do-it-yourselfers, designers, architects, researchers, engineers, and construction contractors.
The following list of books were carefully selected for the do-it-yourself masonry builders and contractors by our research staff. These books were selected because their text material is clearly written and usually is accompanied with instructive photographs, drawings and illustrations. And that if followed closely by the reader, the reader should be able to perform the work required to complete a successful project.

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Masonry Books

Masonry Books and Manuals

  • The Complete Guide to Home Masonry ~Usually Ships Within 2-3 Days
  • -Black & Decker Staff / Paperback 288 pages / Published March 2000
    This excellent, comprehensive and useful guide book is essential for your home improvement library. Features popular masonry projects that are attractive, unique and will appeal to a wide range of skill levels. Some of these masonry projects include natural stone and brick walls, sidewalks, patios, driveways, barbecues, building steps and retaining walls, stucco work, brick patios, and paving projects. Including working with natural stone and stone veneer, glass block, concrete block, poured concrete, and bricks. All with large color photographs and clear and concise step-by-step instructions.
    In addition, details several stunning projects you won't find anywhere else, such as circular stone windows, building arches and columns.
    Includes complete tools and materials lists for each project. And a list of commonly used stone with information on usage and availability.
    This is a great book for beginners and do-it-yourselfers.
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  • Stonework and Masonry Projects: New Projects in Stone, Brick & Concrete
    ~Usually Ships Within 2-3 Days
  • -Black & Decker Editors / Paperback 128 pages / Published August 2000
    For those homeowners wanting to improve their home with stone and masonry, this book is a great addition to your home library. Offers over 20 complete step-by-step projects for do-it-yourselfers with any skill level. They include a brick barbecue, brick entryways and arches, stone driveway marker, and stucco work. Explains masonry and concrete techniques with color diagrams and pictures and clear step-by-step instructions. This book presents a strong emphasis on working with natural stone. Stone's durability, color and texture makes it a very attractive and popular building materials. In addition comprehensive information on selecting materials and masonry tools is included.
    To read excerpts from this book, click on the book title.

  • The Stonebuilder's Primer: A Step-By-Step Guide for Owner-Builders
    ~Usually Ships Within 24 Hours
  • -Charles K. Long / Paperback 126 pages / Published October 1998
    This book provides detailed instructions for building with field stone. Covers each basic step of stone construction with easy to follow fine detailed illustrations. Highly recommended for anyone desiring to build a stone house.
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  • Stone House: A Guide to Self-Building With Slipforms ~Usually Ships Within 24 Hours
  • -Tomm Stanley / Paperback 208 pages / Published March 2004
    This is the latest book that is dedicated to slipform stone masonry in recent years. Stone House contains all the information you'll need to successfully build a stone home for yourself, from clearing the building site to topping stone walls for the roof framing. Covers slipforming methods, sources for building materials, stonelaying techniques, and much more. You don't need to be an expert stone mason, or even have much construction experience, to build your own house by following this comperhensive book.
    The author uses an instructional narrative to lead readers through the process of building with stone and slipforms. Covers traditional stonemasonry and slipforming construction, basic geology and where to source suitable homes, concrete making and techniques for molding and casting concrete, restoring wooden windows and doors, and passive solar principles.
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  • Building Stone Walls ~Usually Ships Within 24 Hours
  • -John Vivian / Paperback 112 pages / Published September 1986
    Another excellent primer for learning stone masonry. While dealing primarily with planning and building stone walls, the techniques learned may be applied in all stone building projects. This book covers stone selection and shaping, tool selection and use, and masonry techniques.
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    Building With Stone ~Usually Ships Within 2-3 Days
    -Charles McRaven: Chandis Ingenthron (Illustrator) / Paperback 192 pages / Published August 1989
    An excellent well written instruction book for beginning stoneworkers. The text is clearly written with step-by-step proper masonry proceedures and techniques for building stone structures. Includes stone selection, selecting and using masonry tools, cutting and shaping stone, and building details. Photographs and line drawings.
    Click on the book title to read more.

  • The Granite Kiss: Traditions and Techniques of Building New England Stone Walls
    ~Usually Ships Within 24 hours
  • -Kevin Gardner, Guillermo Nunez (Illustrator)/ Hardcover 224 pages / Published April 2003
    This well written primer teaches the fundamentals of how to make stone walls with clear, step-by-step instructions. Covers the process of gathering the materials, laying out the wall, and fitting then the stones together. In addition he also covers building steps, wells, ramps, walkways, and many other forms of dry masonry. The techniques used in the restoration and repair of existing walls are also described.
    In addition Gardner covers the history, aesthetics, and philosophy of placing stones.
    What is "the granite kiss"? Author Kevin Gardner defines "the granite kiss" as "that instantly discouraging, and inevitable, experience in stone work when a fingertip or two fails to escape the contact point between two large stones on the occasion of their first meeting."
    Includes 30 black and white illustrations, a glossary of terms, and bibliography.
    Click on the book title to read more.

  • Stonework:Techniques And Projects ~Usually Ships Within 24 hours
  • -Charles McRaven / Paperback 192 pages / Published October 1997
    This well written book is fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions for twenty-two stone projects. Covers selecting stone, cutting and shaping techniques, and construction details. Some of the projects include walls, pathways, pools, a bridge, birdbath, and a small waterfall. Line illustrations.
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  • Stone Buildings: Conservation, Repair, Building ~Usually Ships Within 2-3 days
  • -Patrick McAfee / Hardcover 224 pages / Published April 1, 2001
    This excellent book examines the materials and skills needed to preserve and rebuild any old stone building, from the humblest structure to the grandest castle. Many stone buildings can be correctly repaired. Using traditional techniques, this guide shows the proper methods of restoration and maintenance while examining how the buildings were originally constructed. In addition to stone, it covers lime mortars, renders, and other traditional finishes, and provides information on repairing stone arches, stone cutting, and stone quarries.
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Out of Print Masonry Books and Manuals

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  • The Art & Craft of Stonework ~Out of Print. Available from used book dealers
  • - David Reed / Hardcover 176 pages / Published March 2002
    The perfect addition to your library and collection of stonework, stonescaping and working with stone primers and guide books. You'll find this book a working guidebook filled with artistic inspiration, instructions, recipes, and projects for both dry-stack and mortar techniques. The art of stonework is explored by celebrating the timeless versatility of stone. Examine the variety of stone shapes, sizes, colors, and surface textures and consistencies. See how to find the perfect stone, and cut, score, split, and chip it. Build for the ages with granite, and see how granite has traditionally been used in a range of settings. Construct a magnificent hearth and fireplace. Improve your garden sanctuary, with stepping stones. Repair old and broken walls or add a mortared veneer to a wall. Challenging? You bet! But worth the time and hard work.
    Over 300 outstanding photos highlight the expressiveness of stonework.
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  • The Art of the Stonemason ~Out of Print. Available from used book dealers
  • -Ian Cramb / Paperback 174 pages / Published May 1992
    This book covers both the building and the restoration of stone buildings. Explains how to build numerous structures, including walls, arches, and towers, and how to restore or preserve existing edifices. Other sections describe different types of stones, stonemason's terminology, and tools and their use. Stone selection and masonry mixes are covered in detail. Cutting and hewing stone with hand tools is described and illustrated. Many photographs and excellent illustrations are used throughout the book to support this well written and comprehensive text.
    This outstanding work will appeal to architects, renovators, and historians as well as anyone interested in how large stone buildings like castles were built.
    Click on the book title to read more.

  • The Slate Roof Bible ~Out of Print. Available from used book dealers
  • -Joseph Jenkins / Paperback 288 pages / Published August 1997
    This is a two-part, indexed and referenced book which has everthing you need to know to build, maintain, and keep your slate roof in great conditions for centuries. It is a detailed step-by-step, illustrated tile installation and tile roof repair manual. Plus sources of slate roofing tools, equipment, and new and used slate material. Includes 195 photographs and 175 drawings, tables, maps, and graphs.
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More Masonry Books

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