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There are many ways of profiting in the market. Trend following is one of them. It isn't the best one, nor is it the only one. However, for over a quarter century, the stock trading strategy known as Trend Following, has consistently delivered extraordinary profits for some followers in bull and bear markets alike. Trend following is one strategy that consistently makes money in the stock and equity markets.
Trend following is based on events that the market underestimates. Price action does not follow the normal distribution, as the statisticians would have it. Events that are statistically improbable are much more frequent than chance would allow. Technical analysis of trend following attempts to identify and use these moves. Stock trading requires you to anticipate changes in investor expectations. Technical and fundamental analysis helps you understand the forces that are influencing market participants. Understanding fundamentals can help you filter out the frequent false signals from technical models, while technical analysis serves as an important risk management and timing tool.
However, more and more investors are becoming interested in pursuing trend trading techniques for investing in stocks for profit. These books will help to show you how to and how to avoid the pitfalls. They were chosen to help open the door for you to trend trading.

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Trend Trading Stock Investing Books

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Trend Trading Stock Investing Books

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