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The following list of books were carefully selected by our research staff for architects, engineers, designers, contractors, builders, and do-it-yourselfers.
These books were selected because their text material is clearly written, easy to follow, and usually are accompanied with instructive photographs and detailed illustrations. And that if followed closely, the reader should acquire the necessary knowledge to perform the work required to complete a successful project.

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Architects Dictionaries

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Architects Reference Books

  • Architects Data
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  • -Ernst Neufert, Peter Neufert, Bousmaha Baiche, Nicholas Walliman
    This comprehensive book is an essential aid in the initial design and planning of a project. The relevant building type is located by a comprehensive index and cross reference system. A condensed commentary covers user requirements, planning criteria, basic dimensions, and other considerations of function, siting, aspect, and more.
    A system of references based on an extensive bibliography supports the text.
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  • Dictionary of Architecture and Construction
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  • -Cyril M. Harris / Hardcover 1040 pages, 4th Edition / Published August 2005
    This massive comprehensive compendium by a renowned architectural editor and 50 expert contributors features over 2300 line drawings and clear, concise definitions of more than 26,000 important architecture and construction terms. The most definitive reference in the field, Cyril M. Harris's Dictionary of architecture and Construction brings you the broadest possible coverage of the language of architecture and building construction. Special care has been taken to include the latest terms in legal areas, technologies, techniques, materials, organizations, historic architectural styles, and architectural trends.
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  • History of Architecture: Settings and Rituals
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  • -Spiro Kostof, Greg Castillo / Paperback, 816 pages, 2nd Edition / Published April 1995
    This comprehensive work examines an inclusive spectrum of manmade structures: prehistoric huts, the pyramids at Giza, the Rome railway station, the ziggurat and the modern department store. Indeed, Kostof considered every building worthy of attention, every structure or shelter a potential source of insight, whether it be the prehistoric hunting camps at Terra Amata, or the caves at Lascaux with their magnificent paintings, or a twenty-story hotel on the Las Vegas strip.
    This Second Edition features a new concluding chapter, "Designing the Fin-de-Siecle," based on Kostof's last lecture notes and prepared by Castillo, as well as an all-new sixteen-page color section. Many of the original line drawings by Richard Tobias, as well as some fifty photographs, have also been updated or replaced, for improved clarity.
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  • Why Buildings Stand up: The Strength of Architecture
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  • -Mario G. Salvadori, Saralinda Hooker (Illustrator), Christopher Ragus (Illustrator)
    Paperback, 323 pages / Published November 1990
    This book is an excellent introdution to architecture and the design of building. The author gives a historical overview of architecture by examining important structures and their significance both technically and socially. The technical information is delivered in a clear and easyly understood manner.
    Here is a clear and enthusiastic introduction to building methods from ancient times to the present day, the revolution in technology, materials, and structures. and the recent advances in science and technology that have had important effects on the planning and construction of buildings. Explainations cover the use of improved materials by the introduction of steel, concrete, and plastics, progress in antiseismic designs, and the revolutionary changes in both architectural and structural design made possible by the computer.
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  • Why Buildings Fall Down: How Structures Fail
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  • -Matthys Levy, Mario Salvadori, Kevin Woest (Illustrator), With Mario G. Salvadori
    Paperback, 334 pages / Published June 1994
    While modern technologies, computerized designs, and new materials have minimized structural failures nearly to the vanishing point, it is important for architects to understand how not to design structures. This important book chronicles and provides an instructive examination as to the how and why of the most important and interesting structural failures in history and especially in the twentieth century.
    The authors, both world-renowned structural engineers, take the reader on a guided tour describing structural failures in a variety of structures such as buildings, bridges, and dams. Including a variety of buildings, from ancient domes like Istanbul's Hagia Sophia to the state of the art Hartford Civic Arena, from the man-caused destruction of the Parthenon to the earthquake damage of 1989 in Armenia and San Francisco, the Connecticut Thruway bridge collapse at Mianus, and one of the most fatal structural disasters in American history: the fall of the Hyatt Regency ballroom walkways in Kansas City.
    Black-and-white illustrations point out key structural points of building that have failed (as well as illustrations of the basic laws of physics), providing a professional look at these disasters, with a focus on these building failures.
    Buildings have fallen throughout history whether made of wood, steel, reinforced concrete, or stone. These building failures all respect the laws of physics. All are the result of static load or dynamic forces, human error, earthquakes, temperature changes, uneven settlements of the soil, or other unforeseen forces. A few are even due to natural phenomena that engineers and scientists are still unable to explain or predict. The stories that make up Why Buildings Fall Down are, finally, very human ones, with tales of the interaction of people and nature, of architects, engineers, builders, materials, and natural forces.
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