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Animal Husbandry & Farming


Architectural Drafting & Modeling:


Arthropods, Spiders and Insects

Anthropology & Early Civilizations:



Beekeeping, Ginseng & Mushrooms

Birds, Song Birds, Falconry

Blacksmithing, Welding & Metal Working

Brewing Beer, Making Wines, Making Sausages, Making Cheeses

Building Furniture and Repairing Appliances

Building Waterfalls, Streams & Ponds

Business and Investing

Cabinet Construction, Carpentry, Antique Furniture

Commercial Building Construction & Building Contracting

Contruction Contracting, Contractors Tools, Equipment

Cookbooks, Groceries, Canning, Sausages & Ham

Crafts, Hobbies, Musical Instruments, and Indoor Activities

Crafts, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Doilies & Tapestry

Computers, Electronic Technicians School

Computers, Electronic Repair, and the Internet


Electricity, Electronics, Radio, & Optics

Electronic Engineering & Electronic Test

Encyclopedias & Reference Books

Engineers, Statesmen, Scientists & Explorers

Engineering Books, Handbooks, & Text Books

Engineering Reference Books, Engineering PE Exams, and Colleges Entry Exams


Flintknapping, Tying Knots, Wilderness Survival

Forestry, Forest Pathology, Forest Entomology & Dendrology


Gardens, Earthworms & Small Farming Structures

Gardening, Horticulture, Fruit Trees, Small Scale Farming

Gardening, Horticulture, Husbandry

Gardening, Organic, Ginseng

Garden Wine Plants & Making Wine:

Gardening, Horticulture, Fruit and Nut Orchards, Small Scale Farming

Gardening, Husbandry and Farming, with Emus

Gardening, Wild Plants & House Plants

Gasoline & Diesel Engine Repair

German History, Prussia & Germans

Germany, Pennsylvania Germans & Fraktur History

German Collectable Coins, Stamps & Banknotes:

German, Austrian, & Swiss Music:

Heraldry and Genealogy Research


Hobbies, Jigsaw Puzzles, Crossword Puzzles, and Board Games

Home and House Architecture & Styles

Home Construction & Improvements

Homes, Timber Framing & Log Construction



Horticulture & Dendrology

Hunting, Fishing, Trapping & Outdoor Activities

Hunting Weapons, Firearm Cleaning Kits, Flintknapping, & Outdoor Activities

Hunting Wild Edible Plants, Snowshoeing, Backpackng, & Outdoor Activities


Kindle Department


Law, Real Estate Law, Business Law and Regulation:

Lego Instructions

Log Buildings & Timber Framing Construction

Magazines, Readers Digest, National Geographic, Farming

Magnetism, Electricity, & Electronics


Masonry Books on Stone, Bricklaying, and Masonry Construction

Masonry, Concrete & Brick Construction, Making Lime Mortar

Masonry, Bricklaying, Dry Stone Walls, Landscaping

Masonry & Stone Construction, Masonry Tools

Masonry Ovens, Stone and Clay Sculpturing

Medieval Castles and Knights

Medieval & Medieval Studies

Medieval Weapons & Blacksmithing

Megaliths, Anthropology, Neanderthals, Fossils

Paleontology, Paleolithic, Fossils, Lithics and Flintknapping

Photography, Movies & Radio Storeys

Photography, Film Making, Holography, & Cameras

Real Estate: Investing & Development

Real Estate: Commercial Real Estate Investing

Real Estate: NonProfit Corporations

Robots, Robotics, and Automation

Science Books

Ships, Boats, Kayaks, Canoes, & Marine Books

Ships, Submarines, & Seamanship

Space Exploration & Voyages

Solar Power, Solar Panel Electrical Power

Stock Investing and Day Trading

Taxidermy, Trapping, Tracking, & Falconry

Timber Framing and Timber Construction

Travel Planning


Website Development

Wild Animals, Beavers, Big Cats, Falconry & Birds of Prey

Wild Foods, Fishing & Herbs

Wolverines, Komodo Dragons & Other Wild Animals


Woodcarving & Woodworking

Writing Books & Blogs, Calligraphy, Manuscripts, Drawing and Bookbinding

Miscellaneous Subjects:

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